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2017 NEW Silk Shiny 3d Printer Filament Mass Production

Time: 2018-12-14

In 2015, China focused on promoting 3D printing technology, and several new technologies for 3D printing in the plastics field have emerged.
In 2017, NOULEI and Tsinghua University jointly developed a new 3D printing consumables that break through the ordinary appearance of traditional consumables. This new consumable has a rich luster, especially the Silk Shiny metal color series of 5 colors (gold, silver, copper, bronze. Color, blue gold) exudes a realistic metal light., This is a non-filled, 100% PLA filament, Created for Unique work, so you get a beautiful metallic shine without wearing down your nozzle like you would with metal-filled PLA's.
In 2018, our new formula silk series consumables went on the market. It is stable, reliable and shiny, and quickly gained high recognition and wide acclaim from users.