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NOULEI R9 FDM All Metal 3D Printer with CE Best Consumer 260x260x280mm

* Metal Frame Mass Produce Desktop 3D Printer
* Quiet Printing + High Accuracy + Strong Stable
* X.Y.Z axis adopt full linear rail guide which is more stable and accuracy then optical version

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Carton Packing, 1pcs/ CTN

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Large Metal 3D Printer Printing, Strong and Stable.

Size 260x260x280mm Noulei R9 3D Printing Machine For Art Design
All Metal Parts Structure with high-precision patent nozzle


Inner Structure of Noulei Metal 3D Printer:

1.Strong Stability Structure

Highly customized full metal parts, 4pcs/set cut at the same time to ensure the same length.
Laser cutting with high standard accuracy, strict QC system, make sure that the holes and positioned exactly.
Compatible with most slicer software.


2. No coupling and smaller Z-axis back lash.

3. High-precision nozzle

The nozzle made of Pure copper material, There is no obvious burr in the inner hole, and the silk is more smooth.
The strict guarantee of the quality of printing.


4. 3.5-inch TFT touch screen and system

Can be enjoy the same experience like using table PC and smart phone, easy to operate the machine.

5. Brand New Print Platform

Large Hot Bed 265x265mm, Brand new Glass with carbon silicon crystal coating, good adsorption, and effectively solve the problem of general printing platform.  No curl on the edge and Easy to pick up. Take your work directly without a Shovel.


6. Simple VS  Quick - Installation

The installation of this DIY printer is very simple, you only need a few steps to complete it, Before shipping we have completed most of the assembly and power detection.

Molding Process
Print Build Size L260mm*W260mm*H280mm
Print Accuracy ±0.1mm
Print Speed 20~150mm/s
Print Platform
Special Glass (good adsorption of first layer)
Nozzle Temperature MAX260℃
Print Platform Temperature MAX110℃
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Layer Thickness 0.1~0.4mm
Supporting Material PLA,ABS,HIPS,WOOD,PETG, TPU
Material Diameter 1.75mm
Control TFT Touch Screen
Language English,Chinese
File Format STL,G-code
Working Power input:AC 110/220V,   output:24V
Host Computer Software Cura,Repitier-host,Simplify3D .etc
Connector Type SD card, USB Port (U disk only)
Machine Size L460*W450*H650mm(After mounting filament H720mm)
Package Size 570*540*310mm
Machine Weight 16kg
Package Weight 18KG

Application Area Of Noulei Metal 3D Printer:

The application areas of Noulei 3D printers include Architectural Design, Teaching, Medical Applications,
Animation toys, Automobile Design, Industrial manufacturing, etc.


Noulei R9 3D Printer machine have passed CE,FCC,RoHs


Noulei 3D Printer Service

※ We provide good after-sell service, if any problem occured during the procession, you are free to contact us for help.
※ If any parts broke down under correct operation during or during shipping,we will replace them for you.
We have the specialtechnical support team to help you to solve the problem. Any problem about the 3D printer machine,please contact us.


What is the application of Noulei Smart digital 3D printer?
A: Noulei 3d metal printer for PLA and ABS is used as desktop usage. For personal design, as personal collections, gift for friends. Model sample for testing and showing.
The finished object could be used for one person workshop, industry, school, design department, hospital, school, etc.

What is material of Noulei full metal 3D printer filament?
A: PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, HIPS, NYLON, WOOD, Silk Copper etc for large 3d metal printer supplier Noulei.

What is the material color?
A:The material is single color, you can choose your favorite color, such as pure transparent, white, black, orange, yellow, green, red, pink, purple, grey, blue, gold, etc.

Do Noulei 3D printers have a heated print bed?
A: Yes, 1.5mm thickness aluminum plate + 4mm thickness special glass. One of the most critical aspects required for a great print, is the adhesion of the first layer to the printing surface. Some materials will not adhere to the surface unless it is heated to a specific temperature. Noulei 3D printers come standard with a heated build platform. It heats evenly across the entire build plate from corner to corner, and heats up to 110 °C and higher to ensure you get excellent adhesion.

Are your 3D printers fully assembled and print test before shipment?
A: Yes, the professional large 3d Printer has been fully assembled and tested more than 10days before packing, delivery.